The Convincing Brand for Cost Effective Data Destruction


We are an International Development & Production Company.

We offer our customers exceptional quality at the most competitive prices on the world market.

We will not burden our products with unnecessary and avoidable not product related costs.

We are focused on long term business and good personal relations to our partners.

We are looking at one customer to distribute our product in each country. Only OEM customers that market our product under their own brand name are free to sell whereever they choose.

We have a simple but strict pricing policy. We have one price per product only independend of which quantities our customers chooses to buy.



We are not a Bank. We have not included any financing costs in our calculation. You are requested to pay in full when your order is ready for shipment.

We are not a Logistics Company. We ship only direct from China to our customers. We have no Minimum order quantity. We will ship any quantity from a single unit to full containers. Since freight costs are paid by our customers it is their decision on how they want to economize on the shipping costs. We will not operate an offsite warehouse that only creates additional costs and does not add real value to the product. We have extensive knowledge on container loading and economy of shipments from China to any destination. Please contact us should we be able to assist you in your orders.



Security is our Business

Please contact us any time 24 by 7.


Products, Sales, Service, Deliveries:

Mrs. Simone Meeh de Urbina, Phone: +49-751-36346-80, Fax: +49-751-36346-11



Technology, Production, Markets and anything you want to ask.

Dr. E. Leopold Dieck, Phone: +49-751-363460, Fax: +49-751-3634611